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Client Relationship Management System of WHY Global Services is the state of the art system which was developed in house by the engineers of our company. It is used to manage the clients and their projects. It is an interactive system where the clients can interact with the company. The projects can be assigned to the staff of the company and its progress can be monitored. List of all client projects will be scheduled in the system. The team tasks can be assigned. Which client project is assigned to which team or which member of the company will be made in detail. This client relationship management system provides an interactive method of messaging among the members of the company. The administrator can easily assign tasks and monitor the progress of each and every project at ease with this Client Relationship Management System. Support tickets can be raised by the manager and the progress of the projects and their completion can be ensured. Note on each assignment can be made and will be store for future referral purposes. Accounting section of CRM helps the company to manage account. The accounting section includes client payment details and expense management of the company.